FAQ Injection Molding Overnight Innovation Challenge

Who is Injex and what is "Injection Molding Overnight"?

Workstation Additive Mold Making We’re a startup based in Zürich, Switzerland and we accelerate innovation by providing the fastest prototyping services with production-grade fit, finish and feel.

At Injex we've developed an injection molding process which relies on an additive tooling strategy that allows for faster turnaround times for real injection molded parts. By 3d printing the injection mold, we not only reduce the lead times but cut the initial-cost to a fraction as well.

We believe that by bringing series production closer to the prototyping stage, industrial designers and engineers are able to develop better products and iterate their development cycles faster.

That's why we've developed the Innovation Challenge, in order to unlock the possibilities of injection molded prototyping. What would you do if you could get injection molded prototypes within days? What applications suddenly become feasible when the restrictions of classical injection molding no longer apply?

Who can apply and how?

Stainless Steel We’re looking for innovative ways to bring the benefits of rapid injection molding to startups, artists, designers, engineers, model makers and more. Your idea could be part of a product, something to help your company internally, or even just a concept that you’ve been waiting to try out. Just tell us how you would benefit from injection molding overnight.

So far we have manufactured parts for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medtech, wearables, biological sciences and industrial instrumentation. We'd love to hear about your application and how we can support you.

We are accepting applications from all regions of the world. If you are unsure whether you should apply or have any other questions, then write us an email and we will be in touch with you shortly. If want to start your application just click the button below:

Start Application (Google Account required)

Application Deadline: End of July. If you urgently need injection molded prototypes, we can of course help you before the deadline.

What is the prize?

We will work with the winners to develop their free injection molded prototypes to a value of up to 10'000 Swiss Francs. This can include entire assemblies and up to a 1'000 parts each. We can also support you if you have questions regarding design-for-manufacturing, material selection or post-processing.

After the competition, larger series are also feasible if needed. Feel free to let us know your intentions.

What materials can you do?

We can do pretty much all thermoplastics in addition to metals, ceramics, elastomers and glass fibre composites. Check out some of our showcases:

If you have a specific material in mind have a chat to us or you can send us your existing feedstock.

Can you really do injection molding overnight?

Our additive tooling strategy allows us to skip the usual wait times with injection molding. While classical injection molding tools can take months to produce, we developed an overnight process that can maintain high surface quality and dimensional accuracy. This means you can translate your designs into real parts within days. So yes, it’s possible to get parts within a 24 hour turnaround time. Just let us know what you need!

Read more about our additive tooling strategy here.

What about IP?

Electronics Enclosure All sensitive information provided to us is treated as confidential by default. However, we would love the opportunity to showcase the resulting innovative solutions – please let us know if this is acceptable or if complete confidentiality needs to be maintained!

We use Wetransfer for secure file uploads. You can also ask for an NDA.

How do I design the parts to be manufacturable?

We can and frequently do sliding cores, inserts and other complex mold mechanisms, so chances are your design will be compatible. We generally do parts less than 100mm in length so we are well suited for brackets and enclosures for small devices. One big restriction is maximum shot weight. Depending on the material used, this is somewhere between 3 and 10 Gramms.

Read more about the Design Guidelines here. We can even do extremely small features (> 100 micron) but long and thin features can sometimes cause issues with demolding. As a general rule for strength and size, if you could put it in your pocket without it breaking it should be fine.


Your question not answered?

As always, you can send us all your questions via email.

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